Jewish Belgrade Tour


Jewish Belgrade Tour is a good opportunity to experience city’s turbulent and complex history that the Jews settled in the distant past. From these times, rare but very valuable objects are preserved.


Our tour starts from the only remaining Synagogue in the territory of Belgrade. She keeps the secrets of the Jews, the story of their customs, beliefs, and how she managed to preserve her peace.

The road continues to the Jewish museum, located in one of the oldest streets in Belgrade. He has for years kept a fantastic collection of rare examples of life and Holocaust victims, as well as an interesting library where you can find the most interesting information about the position of this people during the Second World War.

The perfect way to get to know the Jewish people in this region is to visit the Sephardic cemetery, one of the few in the territory of Belgrade. On it you can see the most interesting monuments that were made by the famous architects of Belgrade, and at the site itself, meet and see the greatest holy places of the Jews.

Departure times

Monday – Sunday
On request
Duration : 2 hours
from 15 

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