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All individual and professional organizations are more then welcome in Belgrade. City stands on the crossroads of two rivers and has 2.600 years of rich history. With 1,6 million population it was the capital of ex Socialist Yugoslavia and today Republic Serbia. Belgrade is a promising authentic and budget travel experience, with cultural values and urban life style.


Cultural birthplace of Belgrade was situated in Vinča, society which was formed in 6th millennium BC by people living in this region. After Celtic invasion in 290 BC city has been named Singidunum. In 33 BC the roman army reached Belgrade, and it became Romanized Singidunum. During its development, Singidunum has overgrown its status of a “municipium” and become a colony of the Roman Empire. As an important Roman military camp, Singidunum gained municipal rights in the 2nd century AD.

During the Middle Ages, from the Byzantine Empire, the Franks, the first Bulgarian State and the Kingdom of Hungary and the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Serb-dominated town of Despotism which was introduced in 1521 by entering into Sandžak.

A large part of the city was damaged in the Austro-Ottoman wars and after a while the city passed into dominance of Habsburg Monarchy. Serbia’s capital succeeded to win the title again in Serbian Uprising after Habsburgs in 1841, and the northern part of the city occur to be stayed in the Monarchy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918.

United Cities continued like this until completely dispersed and in 2006 it was declared the capital of Yugoslavia. Nowadays, having an autonomous government in Belgrade, Serbia has a special position in the administrative structure. Metropolitan city area is divided into 17 municipalities and each one has its own local council – Barajevo, Čukarica, Grocka, Lazarevac, Mladenovac, Novi Beograd, Obrenovac, Palilula, Rakovica, Savski venac, Sopot, Stari Grad, Surčin, Voždovac, Vračar, Zemun, Zvezdara.


Jewish Belgrade Tour

Jewish Belgrade Tour is a good opportunity to experience city's turbulent and complex history that the Jews settled in the distant past. From these times, rare but very valuable objects are preserved.

Belgrade Highlights Tour

During Belgrade Highlights Tours take a look through the Belgrade window! Visit four most beautiful panoramas in one day! After this tour, beside stunning photos you will have great memories! In this busy lifestyle, people forget how little it takes to relax and enjoy the moment.

Avala Tour

Experience impressive moment! Enjoy breathtaking view of the city from the highest point and climb with us on the Avala tower. At the terrace on the top of the tower you will feel magical touch of freedom.

Nikola Tesla & St. Sava Temple

Nikola Tesla, a mind beyond his time. He was was the inventor of most of the technologies defines our modern life today. Join us to a closer look to his life and inventions of this great Serbian scientist with us. Our tour starts-up from St. Sava Temple which is one of the biggest orthodox church in the world.

Belgrade Craft Beer Tour

Discover new sense of Belgrade by visiting several breweries and revealing tastes and aromas of various beers! Serbia is known as the country of brandy and wine lovers…but affection for good beer is also characteristic of Serbian people.

Belgrade City Center Tour

Seven thousand year long history rises from its streets, buildings, monuments and numerous sights that make this tour so interesting and tempting. Belgrade is specific in many ways. One of its special characteristics is being the only European capital at the confluence of the two rivers. Turbulent history and strategic significance of the city are perfectly described by its nicknames ‘’War Gate’’ and ‘’Bastion of Christianity’’.

Belgrade Underground Tour

Belgrade underground reveals the most hidden secrets of this city! Rich history is kept by caves, dungeons, walled rivers, tunnels, bunkers, and numerous constructions demolished and built by nations that settled here during time. Underground tells the legend about Belgrade from Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian period. Every one of these époques carries authentic charm.

Nikola Tesla – Zemun – Tito Museum

Join us to visit two most well-known museums, and explore Zemun which is one of the most authentic district in Belgrade with history, architecture and beautiful Danube riverbank.

Belgrade Panorama & City Center Tour

Belgrade city tour is the fastest way of getting oriented with the city, and explore most common historical and important spots in Belgrade.